Manage All Your Daily Tasks
Through A Single App


Store and organize all of your 401k plan documents in one secure location with easy access and portability.


You now have the ability to provide all plan document history to secure your organization’s future despite any internal changes.


Plancheckr will automatically track if you meet requirements for an audit and in one click, generate a DOL 401k audit document for you.


Work with your advisor or plan sponsor(s) in a highly visible environment to easily manage all required 401k audit requirements.

The Gold Standard In DOL Audit Protection

It’s your fiduciary responsibility - Ensure your clients are DOL audit-ready with Plancheckr

Protect Advisors & Sponsors

Plancheckr protects you from costly penalties imposed by The Department of Labor (DOL) if you fail an audit. Make sure this never happens to any of your clients using Plancheckr’s DOL 401k audit requirements checklist and  audit report. The DOL’s primary goal is to protect participants; Plancheckr’s goal is to protect Advisors and Sponsors.

Everything In Its Place

Plancheckr stores everything you need to pass a DOL audit, and alerts you when anything is missing. Notes from meetings with advisors, copies of signed plan documents, service agreements, and even 408(b)(2) disclosures are all organized in one place. Plancheckr helps you upload and organize all your docs, providing great value to your clients.

Organized, Effective, and Secure

Plancheckr’s built in workflow acts as your organizations ally to keep your plan documents up to date and secure.

Intuitive Dashboard

With Plancheckr’s dashboard you’ll never miss a deadline! View your DOL 401k audit requirements progress, notifications, clients, tasks, and much more.

Seamless User Management

Easily add staff-level users to manage your files per organization. Utilize the built-in WayPoints tutorial software for seamless adoption into any organization.

Smart Notifications

Set automatic reminders for you or your staff to upload, sign, and complete documents. Custom reminders are also available to help you keep track of organization specific tasks.

Highly Secure

Rest assured that your documents and company information are highly secure. Plancheckr follows general guidelines of compliance, analogous to PCI DSS and HIPAA requirements where data at rest be encrypted throughout the data lifecycle.

Simplify 401k Plan Reviews

With Plancheckr, advisors can easily review 401k plan provisions with Sponsors and Clients.

Secure Cloud Storage

The plan document governing the plan is now securely stored for you in the cloud with full audit trail documentation. All issues of employee deferrals and employer contributions become fully audit ready with Plancheckr's DOL 401k ready audit document.

Automated Documentation

Plancheckr organizes all the documentation required to guarantee 401k compliance. Your Plancheckr documentation will also show the sponsor’s participant eligibility to enter the retirement plan. Avoid any risk of forced employer contributions for failing to meet documented 401k audit requirements.

White Glove Data Entry Service Available

Plancheckr will upload and organize all your files for you. Get your Plan Sponsors up and running quickly by simply sending us a .zip file of your documents, or allowing us to retrieve them for you from your system of record. Plancheckr will do all the initial plan document upload and organization on your behalf. White Glove Data Entry selection is available during signup and we will contact you directly after you've completed registration!*

Our Clients

Collaborate with your Plan Sponsors

Upload investment or meeting related documents and have your Plan Sponsors give their signature of acknowledgement in the app.

"Plancheckr provides the organization we need to scale our business to hundreds of plans through a single, simple interface. We love the audit features and our clients are always happy."
Paul C.
"Plancheckr lets me know when something is my responsibility and helps me better communicate with our adviser. It’s a lifesaver in saving me time and making sure we protect our employees."
Tess M.
Plan Sponsor


1 - 10 Plans
$30/each Plan/month
  • Complete Document Storage
  • Dashboards & Alerts
  • Full DOL Audit Checklist
  • .
  • 1 Plan = $30 per month
  • 2 Plans = $60 per month
  • 3 Plans - $90 per month
  • 10 Plans = $300 per month
11 - 25 Plans
  • Complete Document Storage
  • Dashboards & Alerts
  • Full DOL Audit Checklist
26 - 100 Plans
  • Complete Document Storage
  • Dashboards & Alerts
  • Full DOL Audit Checklist
  • Expert Support
100+ Plans
  • Complete Document Storage
  • Dashboards & Alerts
  • Full DOL Audit Checklist
  • Expert Support

* Enterprise plans start at $499. Call for pricing. White glove data entry service is free for qualified accounts.

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