Understanding the 401k Fees You Pay

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The Secret to Motivating Retirement Plan Participants

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The 3 Types of Retirement Specialists and When You Should Be Working With Each

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The DOL Audit – It Doesn’t Need to be Frightening

Hearing that you have an audit coming can really raise your blood pressure. For many plans, it’s become a routine part of their annual operations. Audits, by their nature, should include some element of surprise, but nothing akin to your … Read More

The 4 Distinct Duties of Fiduciary Responsibility

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How Can a Plan Sponsor Share Responsibility?

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The Hallmark of a True Fiduciary: Prudence and Documentation

Calling yourself a fiduciary is like calling yourself an artist, the juxtaposition of materials and processes are unique to each individual – with one major caveat is that a fiduciary is bound by law whereas an artist is bound by … Read More