Release Notes

Patch 13

Release Date

Oct 19, 2018


1. Added some of the whitelabeling framework
2. Fixed an issue related to report generation
3. Fixed the email logo permissions issue

Patch 12

Release Date

Oct 16, 2018


1. Standardized the emails
2. Improvements to some terminology on the advisor profile page
3. Improvements to task filtering on the dashboards
4. Fixed an issue related to contact people
5. Fixed an issue related to bulk upload on MacOS

Patch 11

Release Date

Oct 02, 2018


1. Improvements to the performance of the report generators
2. Improvements to task filtering on the dashboards
3. Improvements to the registration processes
4. Improvements to the bulk file uploader
5. Added the bulk file uploader ‘Start Over’ button
6. Added file overwrite functionality
7. Scheduled data maintenance
8. Fixed an issue related to plan copy

Patch 10

Release Date

Aug 20, 2018


1. Improvements to the performance of the report generators
2. Improvements to the report generator progress bars
3. Improvements to the PDF converter
4. Added watermarks to reports for advisors on trial
5. Added headers to the Table of Contents and Audit Trail pages in reports
6. Added headers and footers to documents in reports
7. Added intelligent scaling and rotating to documents in reports
8. Added the Bulk Upload functionality
9. Fixed an issue related to the audit trail when renaming a file
10. Fixed an issue related to the search fields not always correctly filtering
11. Fixed an issue related to how the ‘Enter’ button was responding on some pages

Patch 9

Release Date

Aug 3, 2018


1. Improvements to how  ‘optional’ tasks work
2. Improvements to the Dashboard components
3. Improvements to the performance of the DOL Audit generator
4. Added compliance indicators to the Client and Advisor tables
5. Added validation to the ‘rename file’, and corrected terminology
6. Added the Audit Trail to the DOL Audit generator
7. Corrected a responsive bug in the Client and Advisor tables
8. Re-enabled onsite signup feature for conference attendees
9. Corrected an issue related to image uploads

Patch 8

Release Date

Jul 26, 2018

1. Updates to some of the tasks to match new business requirements
2. Updates to task names
3. New dashboard visuals
4. Added Annual CPR (Comprehensive Plan Review) document generation feature 
5. Documents requiring signatures now allow multiple user to sign
6. Improved responsiveness for the display of company logos

Patch 7

Release Date

Jul 20, 2018

1. Improved the permission error messages related to file upload and signature
2. Improved the invite and registration emails
3. Updates to file name editing
4. Added an extra statistic to the admininistrator dashboard
5. Added additional field to user entities labeled “Title”
6. Fixed permission issue with plans prior to activation
7. Fixed permissions error showing up incorrectly
8. Fixed incorrect files names occurring when a file is downloaded
9. Fixed issues surrounding error messages on the Registration page
10. Improved Server performance

Patch 6

Release Date

Jul 12, 2018

1. Updates to how Permissions are handled
2. Updates to how Organization Statuses and User Invites are handled
3. Updates to the Dashboard Progress Widgets
4. Fixed an issue related to the Contact Person Grid not always populating correctly
5. Fixed an issue related to the preauthenticated Logo in production
6. Fixed an issue related to the deleting currently selected clients

Patch 5

Release Date

Jul 05, 2018

1. Contact Person functionality reworked to provide more customization
2. Added some additional card information on the subscription section of the Advisor Profile
3. Fixed the issue related to the Sign Button not always showing up
4. Fixed an issue with the Plan Sponsor flag not always getting set
5. Fixed an issue with subscriptions when attempting to add a credit card after the free trial expires

Patch 4

Release Date

Jun 21, 2018

1. Fixed the no such coupon code error
2. Fixed the password reset before the registration has been completed bug
3. Fixed invites incorrectly being sent to deactivated users
4. Fixed a bug which allowed invites to be resent while the client is inactive
5. Fixed an issue related to the page redirection not triggering at the correct time
6. Fixed the page headers in IE

Patch 3

Release Date

Jun 14, 2018

1. Upgraded webapp framework
2. Added the ability to change user emails
3. Added hint messages to the Client Status and User Status fields
4. Added automatic maintenance page for backend updates
5. Fixed the pagination controls bug in IE
6. Fixed the expansion panel bug
7. Fixed the favicon in IE
8. Fixed profile images sometimes showing up as ovals
9. Fixed the bug preventing the user in the navigation from being affected by user profile updates
10. Fixed configuration file issue with the production environment

Patch 2

Release Date

Jun 6, 2018

1. Fixed error message layouts
2. Made error messages show by default on form load
3. Added the search icon to the end of the search fields
4. Added the information to invited users, indicating when the last invite was sent
5. Fixed logo images on emails

Patch 1

Release Date
Jun 5, 2018

1. Better error messages on file upload failure
2. Fix to infinitely loading task on file upload failure
3. Improved durability to the DOL Audit generator
4. Plan security improvements
5. Fixed white glove plan access
6. Fixed the client list on the advisor dashboard when logged in as the white glove user
7. Fixed log out button disappearing when the page title is too long on mobile
8. Fixed bug related to some profile images getting rendered as ovals instead of circles